CIRCA MOTIFS features ORION FREEMAN Saturday 7/28 8-10PM



” Where we’re going, the song i’m singin keeps going til we’ve found love

Where we’re going, clouded vistas turn golden their tears become love

And all of them changes remind us to face it: the time has come. . . .

Sitting here at the Hot Spot Diner in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, biding my time as my brand new 1990 Integra gets checked for road-worthiness, her maiden voyage swiftly approaching. I leave Sunday for my very first ‘Southern Swing’, set to see me across 11 states, and once again offer up the first day of the rest of my life, a life that I can finally say I have chosen with all my mind and heart. Even the aspects of it that include embarking upon a journey spread out over two months and 3,000 miles of back roads and highway, with about three confirmed places to stay along it course, playing shows that— if I’m lucky—might just offer me enough money to hobble onward, on to the next city, driving a car that would’ve been the envy of my friends had this been say, 1992. Yes, I choose it all.”

More from Orion:!/page_object/page_object_blogs/artist_818092?blog_id=5713382


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6/27 Weds 6-8PM

FREE Book, records, cds trade


6/29 Friday 8PM-11PM

DONNA SUMMER TRIBUTE w/featured poets


7/7 Saturday 8-10PM

CIRCA MOTIFS features Sunshine Superman Band


7/11 Thursday 6:30-8PM 

CIRCA SOUL features Thierry Lundy (open blues, jazz, poetry jam)


7/28 Saturday 8-10PM